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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Jun 9, 2020

Marek Doyle has always been fascinated with building blocks of health.  He has used that obsession to build a unique approach to health and fitness coaching using nutrition to remove the roadblocks that keep the body from self-healing.  Through taking results based feedback Marek has helped over 2,100 people achieve better health and fitness.  In this episode we dive into the factors that create fatigue, low testosterone and increase stress and how changing your diet may be the way to rid yourself of all of these problems.

Time Stamps

  • His background in the space and self-realization of fixing his health issues. [0:42]
  • What are the adverse effects of metabolic syndrome? [4:15]
  • The underlying cause of chronic fatigue. [7:39]
  • If there is something not right, don’t ignore it. [14:25]
  • The steps to take to come up with a dietary protocol for his clients. [17:50]
  • The ways to influence your mitochondrial function. [21:11]
  • The problem with evidence-based medicine. [27:11]
  • What is causing the decline in men’s testosterone? [31:35]
  • Practical measures to influence your ability to produce cortisol and cope with stress. [34:40]
  • What separates athletes from humans? [42:13]

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