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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Sep 15, 2020

Welcome back for Week 2 of our Business Series!  This week Kris is sitting down with his long time friend and co-founder of Grenade Alan Barratt.  Alan has spent over 30 years in the fitness industry and become one of the top Fitness CEO's in the UK.  That experience has allowed him to build one of the UK's fastest growing companies and give back through Richard Branson's Virgin Startup Mentorship Program.


Time Stamps

  • How he got into the supplement business. [2:07]
  • From hobby to obsession: The untold story of the birth of Grenade Supplements. [12:20]
  • How his interest in the military, inspired his product design. [17:58]
  • Alan on his longevity and success in the industry. [26:50]
  • How Richard Branson’s mentorship has impacted his business. [29:40]
  • Why he is a BIG believer in having well-defined goals and to-do lists. [39:00]
  • Breaking down the distribution process of Grenade. [46:35]
  • Is he of the belief in the grab and go mentality? [49:45]
  • What are supplement companies doing WRONG and what have Grenade done RIGHT? [59:55]

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