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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Sep 22, 2020

Welcome back for Week 3 of our Business Series!  Joining us today is professional boxer, celebrity trainer and founder of Code Red, Cristy Nickel.  Cristy went from broke college student to struggling professional fighter.  After 7 years in the ring, Cristy went on to found Code Red Lifestyle, a $10 million online coaching business.  In this episode we discuss the trials and lessons she has learned growing Code Red into a HUGE lifestyle brand!

Time Stamps

  • From a professional boxer to “Code Red.” Cristy’s humble beginnings and why she is now spreading the message of hope and healing. [1:22]
  • How she grew her online business to $10 million! [4:40]
  • Attention Personal Trainers! Cristy’s Top 3 Things to Stand Out in this Space. [5:52]
  • Why you GOT to utilize your email list. [7:35]
  • To sell is to serve. Why she does NOT endorse products that she doesn’t use herself. [9:05]
  • How to monetize your newsletter. [10:36]
  • The value of having a community. [12:30]
  • How to nail down your target client. [13:43]
  • What is her weight loss protocol? [15:25]
  • Her incentive for recognition. [17:44]
  • Cultivating a culture. [19:25]
  • Breaking down her programs and the value they provide. [20:58]
  • How her corporate wellness programs came about? [25:54]
  • How she would package the ‘Quarantine 15’. [30:50]
  • Why we ALL have something unique to offer. [34:55]

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