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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Feb 11, 2020

On this episode of Knowledge and Mileage, Kris talks with Dr. Scott Sherr, a leading physician in the field of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. We dive into the benefits of HBOT particularly related to increasing performance and speeding up recovery.

Tune in to learn more about the benefits of HBOT for sports performance, what to expect and of course how YOU can access this cutting edge treatment.

Time Stamps

  • Finding a way to bring these alternative and conventional communities together. His background in the medical space and how he first discovered the transformational healing modality of hyperbaric oxygen therapy [1:22]
  • The physiology of hyperbaric therapy and what is happening in the chamber [8:03]
  • How the ketogenic diet and hyperbaric oxygen therapy have synergistic potential when it comes to cancer treatment [12:32]
  • Clearing the confusion behind the different hyperbaric oxygen therapy modalities [16:33]
  • What does the protocol look like for his athletes who want to improve performance and/or endurance? [21:31]
  • How long before an event does he recommend stem cell surgeries? [27:26]
  • Do most cities have access to these chambers? Are they easily accessible to the average person? [32:32]
  • What does the cost look like? [35:50]
  • The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy from a muscle-building perspective [37:13]
  • Fasting and hyperbaric oxygen therapy [39:18]
  • Bringing communities together through creating a framework that is outside the medical mainstream of what disease and condition really is [42:50]
  • The importance of having a sense of connection [47:44]
  • The value of testing and building out a framework for your health [50:00]
  • Taking the call to action [56:03]

Featured Guest: Dr. Scott Sherr

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