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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Nov 12, 2019

Josh Trent, founder and host of Wellness Force and CEO of Civilized Caveman joins us today to discuss the art and skill of breath work, insatiable drive and emotional intelligence. Josh has spent the last 16 years researching and putting into practice the best techniques to thrive in our modern world with physical and emotional intelligence.

Time Stamps

  • What lead him to the art and skill of breathwork? [3:12]
  • The #1 way we can learn how to breathe [6:11]
  • Can you learn to open your chest and breathe through your belly? [8:47]
  • The different breathing techniques required for each one of our athletic abilities [11:00]
  • What you can do to fight off emotional triggers through breathwork [17:23]
  • Practices you can do upon waking up to set your day up for success! [24:02]
  • The M21 Guide is broken down [26:51]
  • How do you take the physical and emotional and tie them together? [28:45]
  • Breaking the root of all evil that is addiction [33:57]
  • Why everything is your choice [39:48]
  • The hungry ghost of never being satisfied [43:48]

Featured Guest: Josh Trent

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