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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Dec 24, 2019

Chris Cavallini sits down with Kris after a high intensity workout to give us the deep dive on overcoming adversity and achieving your goals. Chris is no stranger to adversity as a kid he bounced between foster homes, dealt with abuse and was arrested 17 times in 1 year.

Out of all of that, Chris rose up and founded one of the country's top meal prep services, Nutrition Solutions. In this episode Chris gives us the lowdown on the benefits of discomfort, how to master your mind to breed success and his philosophies on building a successful business.

Time Stamps

  • Why attention to detail is a lost art [3:13]
  • Don’t feed the baby dragon [8:25]
  • Looking at every situation as an opportunity rather than being negative [9:46]
  • The skill of being able to detach from your feelings [18:45]
  • Seeking the discomfort [20:47]
  • The power of the human spirit [32:12]
  • How you do anything is how you do everything [36:43]
  • The key to happiness in life is progress [42:28]
  • Life is NOT a highlight reel [49:12]
  • One team with one mission. What does a morning ‘muster’ look like at Nutrition Solutions? [57:16]
  • Taking pride in the details [1:01:50]
  • What does his morning routine look like? [1:12:14]
  • His funny TV story [1:16:04]
  • His calling towards enlightenment [1:20:30]

Featured Guest: Chris Cavallini

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