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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Oct 15, 2019

Jeff Ward is the rare exception jack of many sports, master of all of them. His list of motosport and biking accomplishments is nearly too long to list. Starting in the late 70's he won nearly every class of motocross racing. Tiring of that he tried his hand and excelled in mountain bike competition. From there he moved to Indy Car racing with a career highlight of placing 2nd in the Indy 500. A return to motocross brought Ward a pair of X-Games gold metals and he has also found success in the world of off-road racing.

In this episode Kris and Jeff dive into his incredible career and discuss the physical and mental requirements of competing at the highest level in several different sports.

Time Stamps

  • The stiff competition he has faced in his career [0:48]
  • How was he does for a living comes naturally [3:56]
  • How did the transition to downhill mountain biking come across? [5:53]
  • What was the learning curve like going from mountain biking to IndyCar racing? [8:16]
  • His turn into Super Motocross and triumphs in the X-Games: His will to win at the age of 45 [13:14]
  • How he is always looking for ways to challenge himself [17:42]
  • What keeps him activated and motivated while out on the bike? [23:25]
  • What does his diet look like? Is he fueling his body for performance or longevity? [27:40]
  • Does his identity revolve around racing? [34:35]
  • What was it that distinguished the American riders over everyone else? [38:14]
  • Money talks: Why isn’t winning enough? [42:31]
  • Who was it that he found was his ultimate competition? [45:20]

Featured Guest: Jeff Ward

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