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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Mar 17, 2022

When it comes to physique improvements, muscle building is often a top priority.

Added muscle mass will increase the definition of your muscles, improve your lean body mass, and add bulk and size to your frame in all the right places.

Muscle growth takes time, persistence, and a long-term commitment to the process.

With the right training programs and the right foods, most people can build a lot of muscle, even if they don't think they can do it at first.

My client, Josh Dollar, has increased his muscle mass from 143 to 160 pounds in just 12 weeks!

Josh, a professional gamer and an athlete, talks about his amazing journey of gaining more muscles and reducing his biological age.

After Josh joined me for our 12-week program, the results were extraordinary. In addition to gaining nearly 20 pounds of muscle, he also improved his overall body health!

He attributes this success to the right diet plans, exercise, and motivation. There’s nothing that can hold him back from being more confident and overall healthy at the same time!

Check out this episode with Josh Dollar as he shares his journey to gaining incredible muscle mass, as well as working on your mindset and lifestyle changes to live a full, healthy, and happier life.


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