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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Feb 24, 2022

Why optimizing your testosterone levels is essential for helping your body function properly, and how it affects far more than your muscles or your physical strength?

  When you think of testosterone, you likely think of sexual function, libido, and muscle mass — things that define men in many ways. What you may not realize is that testosterone also plays a role in your mental health, which can be made abundantly clear when your levels are low.


After age 30, testosterone levels in men can decline somewhat, and this is often not problematic. But if your testosterone levels get too low, it can cause a range of symptoms and interfere with your daily life, overall wellness, and relationships.


Jay Campbell, the Amazon Best Selling author of four change making books in the optimization healthcare space talks about his book "Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible" in this episode, and how he fought testosterone deficiency.


He shares the SHOCKING TRUTH about the nearly unavoidable lifestyle, health and environmental factors that negatively affect your testosterone levels, and the best treatment options that are currently available for the safe and productive use of therapeutic testosterone.


You might need to take a look at your testosterone levels. Low levels of testosterone can have multiple negative effects on your health and quality of life.


Check out this episode with Jay Campbell as he shares his journey on how he fought this deficiency and reveals the truths on the causes and its prevention to achieve a fully optimized life!


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