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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Oct 22, 2019

Daniel Debaun is one of the world's leading experts on the effects of electro-magnetic frequencies on the human body. As a former telecommunications researcher, Daniel was in charge of researching the safety of cell phone towers. He has used that knowledge to combat the negative side of our new lives with DefenderShield, a line of cases and protectors that shields you from your tech without prohibiting its use.  

Tune into this episode of the Knowledge and Mileage Podcast to hear how you can protect yourself in an age of expanding technology!

Time Stamps

  • The biological and long-term effects of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) on the brain [0:00]
  • The research behind what happens to body when it encounters the cell danger response (CDR) and blue light [4:36]
  • What are the EMF standards that we are governed by? [10:35]
  • The importance of knowing your environment to address the problem of EMFs [18:20]
  • How does he suggest someone go about switching from WIFI to analog? [20:17]
  • The rise of 5G and the potential body responses from it [24:34]
  • The future of cell towers and what they will resemble [33:52]
  • What can people do to mitigate the exposure of EMFs in their environment? [36:36]

Featured Guest: Daniel DeBaun

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