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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Nov 26, 2019

If you follow Kris on Instagram you may have noticed one of his latest tools to hack his cardio vascular training. CAROL AI isn't just any exercise bike, it uses finely tuned artificial intelligence to precisely match your output potential. The result: a 40 second workout that drains your legs of glycogen.

In this episode we dive into the 70 year old science of HIIT training that is at the center of CAR.O.L and how they have optimized it with artificial intelligence with CAR.O.L's American Director, Rahul Singh-Bernath.

Time Stamps

  • How did he get into this modality for fitness enthusiasts? [1:06]
  • Their motto of having your cake and eating it too [3:18]
  • Different strokes for different folks [4:30]
  • What does CAR.O.L stand for? The science behind the product [6:30]
  • Simulating the experience of being chased by a tiger to improve cardiovascular fitness [12:53]
  • Capturing the glycogen burning moment without the need of running out of breath [17:40]
  • Achieving health in 40 seconds via a bike [20:14]
  • The importance of going through the intro rides before you increase intensity [26:17]
  • What was the feedback from the recent Health Optimisation Summit? Are gym owners interested in this product? [31:23]
  • What is the recommended dose? [35:59]
  • Breaking down consumer information vs the science to maximize your experience [37:24]
  • How recovery dictates your performance [40:38]
  • What does the future of CAR.O.L look like? [42:36]
  • Eliminating the excuses when it comes to exercise [47:48]

Featured Guest: Rahul Singh-Bernath

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