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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Feb 27, 2020

While touring India, Kris joined his Kris Gethin Gym's partner Jag Chima on the Inspired LifeStyle Podcast to discuss travel, mindset and success. Tune in to hear Kris be interviewed in this weeks episode of the Knowledge and Mileage Podcast.

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Time Stamps

  • How to build a healthy lifestyle around a busy travel schedule [1:17]
  • The balancing act of obtaining longevity vs retaining muscle [3:48]
  • What’s in Kris’s biohacker bag? [5:15]
  • The 3-5 top issues people are exposed to [7:14]
  • The risks of frequent flying and what we can do to combat it [9:17]
  • Recommended supplements to take while traveling [11:12]
  • How to detoxify yourself after a day of travel [12:00]
  • BE PRESENT [14:00]
  • Train your soul muscle [16:15]
  • How to change your perception [17:30]
  • Trim the fat and decrease the size of your social circle [19:24]
  • The importance of community [20:56]
  • What is Health Kik and how can one get involved? [21:50]

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