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The Knowledge and Mileage Podcast

Mar 13, 2020

Kris sits down with IFBB pro and Neufit trainer Brad Rowe to discuss keto bodybuilding, intermittent fasting during contest prep and of course the ultimate biohack for bodybuilders, Neufit EMS training.

Brad trains some of the top Olympians using a device called the Neubie by Neufit. Tune in to learn more about how you can up your bodybuilding game with biohacks, keto and fasting.

Time Stamps

  • Why Brad left a path to Med School to pursue bodybuilding [2:45]
  • What is the Neubie and how does it differ from other EMS devices? [6:00]
  • Why are the top bodybuilders using the Neubie? [10:00]
  • Why Brad has experimented with keto bodybuilding [12:00]
  • How Brad incorporates intermittent fasting into his prep [22:45]
  • The difference between keto and carbs when training on the Neubie [34:15]
  • Brad’s end goal for 2020 [25:00]

Featured Guest: Brad Rowe

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