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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Mar 29, 2022

When it comes to mountaineering, preparation is everything.

Mountain climbing is much more difficult than hiking and requires a higher level of fitness as well as experience on a variety of terrain. There's a lot to do to prepare, from training your body and ensuring you have the technical skills for a safe, successful climb to training your mind for the endurance ahead.

For mountain climbers, the strength-to-weight ratio is an important key performance indicator.

Have you ever attempted to hike up a steep trail while carrying a heavy backpack? The more you carry, the more difficult the effort.

Weight is important.

It will be better for a mountaineer to be as close to their ideal body composition as possible so they don't have to carry a lot of extra weight up the mountain.
One of the most important factors in determining a healthy weight goal is how much of a person's weight is body fat.
For climbers, excess body fat can be reduced to improve performance.

This is one of the challenges my client, Dan Eckstein experienced.

Ever since Dan and his family moved to Southeast Idaho and saw the mountains, he has had a strong desire to reach the summit. As a result, he and his friends decided to attempt to climb Mount Hood in 2013. He trained a little bit in a gym, but he was all over the place, and he didn't have a proper diet, but he still believed he could reach the summit.

They then began climbing the mountain, eventually reaching a height of 9300 feet. However, he noticed that his legs were cramping up and needed to stop. He worked it out a little bit, but suddenly he felt that he could not move anymore without getting a cramp.

And because of that, their climb was not successful.
This made him very upset and felt defeated, having wasted time, effort, and money.

He realized he needed to lose weight (he weighed 266 pounds at the time) and train more in order to feel better and more confident for his second attempt—this became his most difficult challenge!

Because of his unhealthy lifestyle and uncontrolled bad eating habits, plus the dream of reaching Mount Hood's summit, he started training with me to gain more strength, lose weight, and gain confidence to make the second attempt.

Dan then reached out to me for training. Together, we worked to help him gain more strength and lose weight so that he would be confident in his ability to complete the climb successfully. It wasn't easy—it took discipline, hard work, and determination on Dan's part—but ultimately it all paid off: Dan managed to lose a ton of weight and pack on some serious muscles, making him achieve his goals.

This time around, Dan found success on his second attempt! and made it to the summit!

Check out this episode with Dan Eckstein as he shares his incredible weight loss journey and how he took the challenge with so much determination to reach the top of a mountain with confidence.



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