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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Feb 13, 2020

Investment banker turned health optimization coach Boomer Anderson joins us on this episode to talk about quantifying health.

When a early health scare startled Boomer he decided he had to make a drastic change to his lifestyle. As an investment banker, Boomer was used to quantifying data and his investment in his health was no different.

Tune in to hear how he developed a novel approach to optimizing cognition and has helped his high functioning clients become even more super-human.

Time Stamps

  • Why Boomer moved from investment banking to become a health optimization practitioner [2:45]
  • Boomers health scare that let him to change careers [8:45]
  • His emphasis on micro-steps, health data and creating action steps for high level clients [12:00]
  • How to optimize the QUALITY of your sleep [15:30]
  • Do DNA tests help in optimizing health? [24:45]
  • Why you need patience to successfully optimize [28:30]
  • Creating micro steps to have a successful transformation [32:15]
  • When is the Ketogenic Diet a useful tool? [36:00]
  • Boomer’s tips for optimizing sleep [40:00]

Featured Guest: Boomer Anderson

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