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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Jun 23, 2020

Today we are diving into the benefits of red light therapy with James Strong and Bryan Gohl of Red Light Rising.  We discuss timing and protocols for Photobiomodulation Therapy, how to increase its effects and most importantly why you should increase your red light exposure to benefit your immune system, sleep quality and recovery.  As an added bonus Red Light Rising is giving Knowledge and Mileage listeners 5% off at with the code Gethin5!

Time Stamps

  • On a quest for health: How Red Light Rising was born. [1:56]
  • How to use red light therapy to optimize your sleep. [7:13]
  • The best approach for red light therapy treatment times. [11:28]
  • How to utilize red light therapy in the evening hours. [13:20]
  • The benefits of red light therapy for wound healing, collagen production & MORE. [17:46]
  • The enhancements of recovery with red-light therapy. [21:15]
  • The immune benefits of photobiomodulation. [26:44]
  • What cyclical protocols do they follow to enhance the effects of their photobiomodulation? [33:15]

Featured Guest

  • Red Light Rising (@redlightrising) • Instagram
  • Red Light Rising - Home | Facebook
  • Website  **Promo code GETHIN5 for 5% off
  • James Strong 🚨 (@jamesstronguk) • Instagram
  • Bryan Gohl (@bryan.gohl) • Instagram

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