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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Dec 5, 2019

In this episode of Knowledge and Mileage, we are diving into spirituality with musician East Forest. East Forest creates music inspired by meditation, spirituality and nature. We dive into spirituality, psychedelics, and the minimalist lifestyle that drives East Forest's music and life.

Time Stamps

  • Why East Forest left New York City to live minimally out west [5:00]
  • Finding inspiration disconnected from the outside world [9:30]
  • What it was like recording with the legendary Ram Dass [13:30]
  • Be Here Now. Finding the present and grounding into gratitude [16:00]
  • Working your soul muscles in addition to your physical ones [22:30]
  • The spiritual and physical practices that East Forest follows [26:30]
  • Using your gift to inspire others through action [34:30]
  • The future doesn’t exist. Using the present to appreciate what you have not what you could have had [39:00
  • Plant medicine - are psychedelics as harmful as we were made to believe? [45:00]
  • Ram Dass, psychedleics and spiritual awakening [50:00]
  • East Forest's experience with ayahuasca [57:00]

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