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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Dec 21, 2022

DrSid is the nutrition and fitness head of Food Darzee. He is the brainchild (adult man-child too) behind the brand. He charms his way through work and is the agony aunt for all employees.

Food Darzee started small and grew each year with dedication, hard work and by being consistent and true to themselves. Those are the same values that they use to help out customers reach their fitness and nutrition goals. 

DrSid explains how many doctors most likely do not even know the nutrition portion of their medical books a much of it is not on the exam and many just breeze through that portion of their books.  He has found his passion in training and nutrition and is truly making a difference in his home country.  

Listen in to this fun an insightful conversation that I have with DrSid!

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