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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Feb 17, 2022

Getting fit can happen at any age.


There are lots of different reasons why you should take up exercising now, even if you're older. Maybe you want to live longer, or maintain independence for as long as possible?


Joan MacDonald, at 75 years of age, is proving that it's never too late to make big life changes.


MacDonald shared her desire to develop healthier habits with her daughter Michelle, a competitive powerlifter, who'd been pushing her mom to prioritize her health for years.


Initially, her goal was to lose weight as fast as possible. But now, she says she's all about feeling strong and powerful, challenging herself to achieve specific strength goals in the gym. 


To MacDonald, fitness highlights the importance of encouraging yourself and others to work toward goals.


How did she deal with the added pounds, ditch all of the medications she was relying on, and achieve an amazing transformation at her age?


Check out this episode to learn how to regain your strength, health and vitality as you age and achieve a full healthy and happier life.


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