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The Knowledge and Mileage Podcast

Feb 24, 2021

Paul Hardy is one of many VIP clients Kris Gethin has trained over the years. When Paul started exclusively training with Kris, he was 235 pounds. Now, he’s 170 pounds and healthier than ever. Listen to Paul’s transformation story and how training with Kris changed his life.


Transformation image of Paul Hardy


Time Stamps


  • Paul’s background + tipping point to starting his transformation [6:56]
  • The importance of having accountability for your lifestyle choices [11:39]
  • How good nutrition can change your mental and physical health [19:23]
  • Losing the craving for unhealthy food + losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time [25:40]
  • Turning impossibilities into possibilities [27:18]
  • Learning to expect the unexpected: family illness, pandemic, birth, death [31:28]
  • The bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the success [40:30]
  • Benefits of 1-on-1 training and other training programs [44:15]
  • It’s hard work, not a magic bullet [52:42]
  • Supplementation [55:00]
  • Improving your health span [57:10]


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