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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Aug 9, 2022

What do you feel is the biggest issue that we're dealing here in the US?

This is my first question to our guest today.  The founder and creator of MAPS fitness program and Host of Mind Pump Podcast.

Obesity is really a tsunami of a problem that literally threatens to bankrupt modern societies.

It contributes to so many different health issues. It reduces productivity, innovation, it contributes to mental illness.


It really can't be overstated in terms of impact.  Obesity is a very visible effect of how our changing lifestyle is affecting us. And obesity itself contributes to some of these health issues; rising rates of chronic illnesses, heart disease, and diabetes, for example, which are all connected to obesity.


Sal wanted to shift the direction of the fitness industry from an aesthetic insecurity-based industry to a self-love and self-care health industry.


Through the conversation we discuss nutrition and how it affects weight loss, processed foods and everything wrong with the food industry.


Sal brought up a study that was done where they tested college aged males, grip strength, maybe eight years ago, and they found that college aged males today have the grip strength that 65-year olds had in the 1980s.  Things are going the wrong way


Time to eat better, exercise properly and listen from a few of the best in the fitness industry!


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