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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Sep 25, 2018

"The audience only sees one side, it’s up to you to tell the whole story."

This episode is coming to you from Dehli, India. Kris sits down with his friend and business partner Jag Chima, and fitness influencer and YouTuber Abhinav Mahajan, to talk about what it takes to be successful in the fitness space as an influencer.

Abhinav has a lot to share about his journey. He started out unsure of how to use YouTube and now he gets over 35 million views on his videos. Jag has a very unique perspective in that he not only mentored Abhinav early on in his journey, but has worked with many other fitness celebrities to increase and engage their following. 

Tune in to find out what they suggest you do if you are looking to be successful as a fitness influencer. 

Time Stamps

  • Introducing Jag Chima [2:05]
  • Introducing Abhinav Mahajan [2:40]
  • Abhinav's history as a social media brand [3:20]
  • What Abhinav did before he was a social media influencer [4:05]
  • Abhinav was told to be an engineer, not an influencer [5:12]
  • How Abhinav met Jag [6:15]
  • How Jag mentored Abhinav in the beginning [7:05]
  • How Abhinav's YouTube has evolved [9:39]
  • Abhinav's YouTube work ethic [12:34]
  • How do you get sponsored? [16:34]
  • How do you further brand yourself past fitness? [20:27]
  • What types of brands Abhinav works with [23:48]
  • How to relate to more audiences [28:00]
  • How do you approach brands [31:15]
  • How do you get a bigger audience [36:56]
  • Repackaging content [38:30]
  • How to make a living from online content [39:26]
  • How to improve their social platform [42:12]
  • Being persistent and putting in the work [47:47]
  • Connect with the guests [50:44]

Featured Guest: Jag Chima

Featured Guest: Abhinav Mahajan

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