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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Feb 12, 2019

This week’s episode is a little different. This is an account of one of Kris’s biggest ventures into self experimentation. In between stem cell therapy procedures, Kris decided to sit down with the doctors from the Centro de Celulas Madre Y Biotecnologia in Pereira, Colombia to ask them about all about stem cells.

Tune in to find out what is the best way to biohack your age, recover faster, why Kris went to Colombia to get stem cell therapy and didn’t opt for it in the US. 

Time Stamps/Written Translations

  • Differences between stem cells administered in Colombia and those administered in other places such as the US. [10:00]
    • There are many different stem cell therapy treatments around the world. One is the stem cell treatment from bone marrow. This one has the least amount of stem cells.
    • The second is from the the blood stream. This is not as effective because those stem cells would have the same age as the donor, so the cells won’t work as well.
    • The third method, which they use here at Celulas Madre in Pereira, is from the umbilical cord tissue. These stem cells are coming from newborn babies, which means the stem cells are young, potent, and powerful and are able to regenerate to help prevent disease.
  • How does the amount of stem cells harvested from adipose tissue or bone marrow compare to the amount of stem cells harvested from umbilical cord tissue?
    • The amount of stem cells harvested from the umbilical cord tissue is much larger than the amounts harvested from the adipose tissue or bone marrow. Because the stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue are extracted at such a young age, these cells do not have an identity, they are universal and can multiply quickly.
    • In the USA, the most amount of stem cells that you can extract and administer to someone is around 3 million stem cells. In Colombia, my first treatment was an Stem Cell IV Therapy which put 105 million stem cells into my body. I was getting 7 million stem cells per minute. I also got stem cells injected into my joints - both knees, both elbows, and the shoulder I had surgery on. Each area had between 30-50 million stem cells injected into them.
    • Studies done here and in other places have shown us that this is the best amount to apply.
  • What is the biggest benefit of having the intravenous stem cell therapy? [19:00]
    • When the stem cells enter your body through an IV, they head to areas in your body that need repair. It’s call the Homing Effect. This type of treatment gets stem cells all throughout their body.
    • Benefits of stem cells: Prevent some illnesses, such as lung diseases, organ diseases, muscles will recover faster, will help with the production of collagen and other anti-aging agents and increased vitality and energy.
    • Many of their patients that use this therapy are older, and they have experienced many benefits. They expect that younger patients will experience the benefits from stem cells in the form of disease prevention.
    • The second treatment was a mix of Kris’s own PRP (human growth factor) and stem cells that were injected into localized areas: both knees, both elbows, and the shoulder he had surgery on.
  • How long until can one expect to feel benefits from the localized area stem cell treatment? [26:00]
    • Studies from biopsies and X-rays show that the treatment starts growing tissue after 6-8 months. But in medical practices they can tell that about 2 months after the procedure the tissue starts to regenerating itself and it starts to feel better. You won’t feel the wear of the knees and elbows after 2 months. After 2 months is when the procedure starts to work.
  • How did Kris learn about this stem cell center? [29:00]
    • For active people like bodybuilders, marathon runners, triathletes, this has to be good for them. Athletes have plantar flexion problems, rotator cuff problems, knee problems. This treatment can give them more years of vitality and performance instead of stress and pain.
    • There are two types of illnesses: one is the degenerative and it’s because of time, getting older, and the other is one is traumatic, some type of injury.
    • Although they are different types of disease the stem cells work the same in repairing those areas.
  • The agreement between the families of the babies who donate their babies stem cells. [32:00]

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