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The Kris Gethin Podcast

Aug 30, 2022

Today's guest had enough with traditional gyms and got tired of trying to record his own workouts at someone else's gym so he built his own space in the Portland area.  

He didn't build a normal gym, this isn't a place that anyone can just go to.  You will need to listen in to learn more.   

Who am I talking about you ask?  The Quad Guy - Julian Smith.  The founder of The Daily Pump app.  It doesn't matter who you are there is a daily workout for you at the Daily Pump.

Did I mention it is only $1.00 to join the Daily Pump?  Well now you know.

Why the Daily Pump?  This isn't some cookie-cutter 12-week program that someone made up but never completed. This is Julian's EXACT workout from the day prior. Posted sets, reps, tempo, so you can follow along. He is in the trenches with you — challenging himself to help keep you on track. You'll never see the same workout twice. 

Connect with Julian on Instagram @smith.julian

I know the title has you wondering; Why on earth is someone talking about weed and workouts.  Well listen in to this conversation that Kris and Julian have about different ways to workout and different challenges a person can give themselves.  


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